Top Fragrances For Him & Her This Valentine’s Day!

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On sale Thursday 4 February – Tuesday 16 February 2016. Offers valid at participating Terry White Chemists® stores while stocks last. ^Savings listed are calculated from supplier’s recommended retail price (RRP) at the time of preparation and not necessarily previous in-store price. Due to our competitive pricing policy we may not have sold at RRP. Rewards Plus is available at selected stores only. Visit for a list of participating stores. Available at participating Terry White Chemists® stores while stocks last. Not all items in this catalogue are available for purchase online at Purchase limits may apply to products advertised in this catalogue at the discretion of the pharmacist. All items have been included in good faith on the basis that the goods as described will be available, unless sold out. Certain items shown in this catalogue may not be available at some Terry White Chemists® stores. Failure by a supplier to deliver in accordance with sample or at all, or other causes beyond the control of Terry White Chemists® stores may result in some lines being unavailable. Prices listed are the maximum prices available from participating stores and are subject to change without notice. Terry White Chemists is a registered trademark owned by TWC IP Pty Ltd ACN 136 833 611 and under licence by Terry White Management Pty Ltd ACN 136 833 620. TM11013 February A 2016

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